Le Beat — What’s Up Magazine Dec. 2010

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The big, big, BIG news of the month is the new spot for WhAAM and Make.Shift. It’s over on Unity Street (by Griggs) and looks to be the absolutely perfect spot for the two organizations. They’ve been looking for eight months and have finally, finally found “their place.” But, they can’t open it without some serious donations the two groups are looking to raise at least $8,500 via kickstarter by Jan. 16. Ya know how you always see folks talking about “support your scene” or “support local music?” Supporting doesn’t just mean seeing your friend’s bands and having some drinks (which, on its own, is just fine), it also means ponying up when it’s time to do so and this is one of those times. Both WhAAM and Make.Shift are working hard to make the community a better place. I mean, seriously think about it, Bellingham with its own Vera Project (or 924 Gillman Street Project) a place for people of all ages to get into music. In my estimations, there are few greater causes in the music scene than this one. As of press time, they were nearing $1,000, but they need a bunch more. If everyone reading this paper gave a dollar, they’d have nearly three times enough money to open. SO, donate. Now. Please. Here’s the website: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/makeshift/the-makeshift-music-project


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