Rumor Has It — Cascadia Weekly Jan. 4 2011

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SINCE IT’S A new year, and, in 2011, I’ve yet to mention how you can directly, positively affect all-ages music here in town. While there are several ways you can go about achieving this end, probably the most visible—and pressing— at this point, is by donating to the ongoing WhAAM/Make.Shift Kickstarter campaign. As I’ve previously said, the goal of this particular pledge drive is to reach $8,500, which will go toward renovating and retooling the downtown
space the two nonprofits will soon be sharing. Specifically, it means they’ll be able to transform an old auto shop into a music venue/practice spaces/resource library/office spaces/etc. It will truly be a multipurpose, all-ages space, in the very best sense of what those terms can mean.
However, the need for donations is immediate, as the deadline to reach the pledge goal is rapidly approaching—the cutoff is Jan. 16—and, as of press time, the current amount promised is still about $1,000 shy of where it needs to be. It’s probably worth reminding everyone that, in the Kickstarter world, the only way WhAAM and Make.Shift can collect the funds is if every penny of the goal amount is pledged.

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