Thursday Benefit at The Shakedown

Help Make.Shift raise the funds needed to get our building up to fire code so we can host all-ages live shows again!


Thursday 5/23/13 $5-$10 suggested donation, door at 9, music at 10

Dog Shredder
“Dog Shredder are quantum physics. No space left untouched. Garage insanity? The soundtrack to M.I.T.? Blistering connections that were impossible to predict. If you took a bottle of narcotics and got pushed out of an airplane flying to Naked City without a parachute by No Means No and land on John Zorn, you may end up as a Dog Shredder.”

The Narrows

(With Charlie, John, Alec, and Ben – members of Sloths, Livingston Seagull, Swine, and Chambers)

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