In the Gallery: Jacob Cass, Kyler Martz & Charliegrrl

We’re excited to present new, tattoo-inspired work by Jacob Cass (Bham), Kyler Martz (Seattle), and Charliegrrl (Seattle) in the gallery from Aug. 2-Aug. 31.


Jacob Cass:

Traditional American tattoo flash was my foundation. Bold outlines, vibrant color and the heavy use of black shading still influence these paintings from a artistic background that began while apprenticing in tattoo shops many years ago. Studying and replicating vintage tattoo imagery were the first steps in learning the basic skills of drawing and painting. TheseĀ paintings were created with a deep respect for the people that influenced me, helped me and taught me the initial skills to develop and derive my own style and then move forward with my work.

My inspiration is American traditional tattooers like Charlie Wagner and his Black Eye Barbershop. Not just the designs, but the lives, experiences, and creations that came from so called roughneck outsiders, who found a way to live free and experience their American dream.

Kyler Martz:
Kyler Martz is an illustrator, designer and muralist from Seattle, WA. Martz’ work is primarily watercolor based illustration, referencing of old naturalist etchings, tattoo flash and woodcuts. Martz work also employs screen printing, in addition to creating large-scale murals.

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