Make.Shift Arts Awards Nominees!



Check out this year’s nominees for the Make.Shift Art Awards!

Join us for an evening to celebrate local artists on January 22nd and see who will win.

Steeb Russell
Bradley James Lockhart
Cameron Jennings
Mike E Wilson
Kacey Morrow
Wes Davis
Cale Burr
Logan McQuaig
Toby Stanger
Jen Dranttel-Canepa
Andrea Heimer
Michelle Schutte
Jennifer Anable
Amanda Timmins
Liliana Franz
Margot Myers
Corey Urlacher
Aaron Brick Artography
David Johnston
Ryan Russell – Photographer
Tommy Calderon
Kenneth Kearney
Sarah Ellissa Van Houten
Karie Jane
Katie Johnson
Ciara Sana
Cara Jaye
Mat Hudson
Seiko Purdue
Jess Flegel
Libby Chenault
Carrie Cooper
Carrie Voorhees

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