Schedule announced for the Bellingham Music Film Festival!


The schedule and programming has been announced for the Bellingham Music Film Festival, coming up on April 1-3.

Bellingham Music Film Festival Opening Ceremony!

Friday, April 1

@ Make.Shift

7:15 p.m. Live music from Scarlet Locomotive

8 p.m. Music Video Night (Free event during Art Walk, donations go to Film is Truth)

9:15 p.m. Live music from Momo Grace

Saturday, April 2

@ Make.Shift 12 p.m. Film Shorts

@Pickford 2 p.m. Feature screening + shorts/music videos

@Make.Shift 4 p.m. Live music and shorts screening

@Pickford 8 p.m. Live music from Thomas Agora, Feature screening + shorts/music videos

Sunday, April 3

@Pickford 10:30 a.m. Feature screening + shorts/music videos

@Make.Shift 12:30 p.m. Feature screening + shorts/music videos

@Pickford 2 p.m. Live music from Bar Tabac, Best in Show awards ceremonybmff_final_event_webslider_outlines-01

Please see for more details.

New Stage Sound Dampening!


Check out the awesome DIY sound dampening we did for our stage area!

We used 2’x4′ Owens Corning 703 sound insulation panels, cut those in half, and covered them in the cheapest duck cloth we could find. We used upholstery spray adhesive to wrap the canvas around the panels, and then stuffed them into the 2×2 framing using a putty knife.

Thanks to Board Member Russ Fish and Sound Crew Manager Gabe Seavello for convincing us it was finally time to find the cash to make this happen, and for their help sourcing and designing this solution. Thanks to Make.Shift tenant Devin Champlin for donating his time to help with framing, and tenant Andrew Nickerson for the wrapping help.

It sounds so much better!

Help us Buy a New PA!

Make.Shift has outgrown our hard-working little PA. We need your help to upgrade to an awesome new system that will do justice to the bands that play our all-ages, drug- and alcohol-free shows!

You can also DONATE HERE. It takes less than 5 minutes.

With your help, we’ll purchase:

1 – New set of main speakers
1 – Power conditioner
1 – 16 channel audio snake
1 – System graphic equalizer
3 – Mic stands
2 – DI boxes

All funds raised over $2,000 will go toward more additions to our sound system, including:

* Equipment for keyboards, DJs and other electronics
* New mic cables
* New mixer