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Jessica Miller, Executive Director

Jessica Miller (formerly Harbert) took the helm in late 2014. She keeps the show running and and the lights on. She has loved and been involved with Make.Shift since she first heard about it. Her love of the Bellingham community, local art and music have always been a priority in her life during her years in Bellingham. Jessica graduated from Western Washington University, and has since written for the Bellingham Herald, managed local restaurant Bayou on Bay for years, helped open Rock and Rye Oyster House and serves on the board at the Downtown Bellingham Partnership. Her creative medium is writing.

Jess Flegel, Gallery Director
Jess manages to work us into her busy life as a local artist, industrial seamstress and community educator.  She, with the help of  Make.Shift’s gallery committee, keeps the walls fresh and full for our monthly gallery exhibitions.


Steeb Russell & Libby Chenault (and Franklin!), Studio Managers
Both familiar faces to Bellingham and the local art community, Steeb and Libby are the dream team who manage the studios at Make.Shift. Their connectedness, creativity and general positivity bring a great deal to the organization along with having their studio locale at Make.Shift. Steeb draws and paints, his work an aesthetic pillar around town. Libby owns and operates Moth and Squirrel, a reclaimed luxury knit business, often found at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market along with the studio in Make.Shift. These two are quite involved in this lovely community.

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Nick Emard, Volunteer Coordinator

Nick Emard’s interest in DIY organizing started at Ground Zero Teen Center in his hometown of Bellevue, WA. A recent graduate of Fairhaven College at WWU, Emard’s four-year BA concentration was titled Community Arts & Music and focused on building and facilitating resources for communities and artists with a minor in Audio Engineering. He currently keeps the volunteer pool working to keep Make.Shift in operation and is a member of the booking team. He also sells records at Everyday Music plays music in the band Dog Mountain, and was a Marketing Coordinator at AS Productions at Western.


Tyson Ballew, Booking Team Manager

A transplant from Missoula, MT, Tyson has always been involved in his music community. As the current Make.Shift Booking Manager, Tyson runs all things live music, rallying the Make.Shift’s booking team and filling the calendar with shows. He currently plays in Xavier’s School, runs Tummy Rock Records and works at the Community Food Co-op. His all-ages venue experience brings an understanding of why we do what we do at Make.Shift.


Stuart Jackson, Sound Crew Manager
With a self professed obsession for Audio, Stuart keeps the the all volunteer Sound Crew together with a bit of friendly shepherding and some handy work with a soldering iron. He can often be found haunting the boards at Make.Shift, Boundary Bay, and various events around town. Stuart is a current student at Western Washington University pursuing a degree in Audio Technology, Music, and Youth Work through Fairhaven College.


Nika Feline, Sound Crew

Nika is a music business management student at Fairhaven and a fierce fan of felines. She enjoys taking pictures of her toes, spinning disc, moving at elevated speeds on two non-motorized wheels, and eating ice cream. Aside from Make.Shift, she is a dedicated community organizer involved with Loudhouse, KUGS, KVWV, and Benefest.

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Katie Hagerman, Bookeeper
Katie has been our trusty accountant and financial go-to lady for forever. This ship would sink without her.