Bellingham Music Film Festival


The first annual Bellingham Music Film Festival (BMFF), taking place April 1 through 3, 2016, is a celebration of music through the medium of film. Films can range from music videos, animations, and shorts to feature length documentaries and narratives. By participating in this festival, filmmakers and music lovers alike will have the opportunity to enjoy curated films and music, network, and win awards, all while supporting local non-profits organizations.

Bellingham, Washington, nestled between Vancouver and Seattle in the Pacific Northwest, has always been a hub for music and film. BMFF celebrates the union of the two by screening exclusively music-related films and connecting this community on a global scale. The aim is to help strengthen our own community by providing outward exposure for local artists and an incoming perspective from worldwide talent.

A wide range of film formats will be exhibited, but the heart of the festival will be powered by bands and live music. No matter the venue, category, or artist, we will be witnessing the power of music – the ultimate goal of Bellingham Music Film Festival.

There will be two cash prizes for Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice. The overall Judge’s Choice will be announced at the end of the festival celebration on Sunday night and the People’s Choice will be announced via social media shortly thereafter. Winners will also be chosen in each category and will receive trophies during the festival.

Films and music will be playing at the music venue, Make.Shift Art Space and the independent theatre, Pickford Film Center in Bellingham, Washington. All proceeds are going towards these participating non-profits, including the local video store Film is Truth, which is transitioning into a non-profit organization.

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