94.9 KVWV Community Radio


KVWV 94.9 FM is Bellingham’s newest community radio station. A project of Make.Shift, KVWV exists to promote local and underrepresented voices on the FM airwaves. KVWV aspires to showcase and highlight local arts, culture, dialog and activism.

The station was born when Make.Shift secured a license from the FCC in 2014 to create a new low-power FM station (LPFM) — a community-based, non-commercial radio station operating at 100 watts or less and reaching a radius of 3 to 7 miles. KVWV is expected to be broadcasting by October 31, 2015, when transmitter construction is complete. In the meantime, listeners can stream KVWV programs by going to kvwv.org.


Support Bellingham community radio – listen, make a donation, or volunteer through the



Email – info@kvwv.org
Facebook – www.facebook.com/bellinghamradio